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Cause of death - killed by The Dream Catcher

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Madeleine Arthur

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Meg is a secondary antagonist in the episode "Dreamcatcher".

Meg was a really mean-spirited girl who hated her first summer at Camp Pine Mountain. She was originally not coming back but her parents had to work so she was forced to spend another summer there.

She used to be Amelia's friend, until Amelia realized how much of a bad person she really is. When Amelia ditches her for the new girl, Lisa Meg becomes jealous and decides to make Lisa and Amelia's lives miserable. While everyone else is asleep Meg scares Lisa by telling her about a tragedy that occurred at Pine Mountain 20 years ago, when one of the campers died in her sleep after she had nightmares about some sort of boogeyman called The Dream Catcher. When Lisa and Amelia are both asleep Meg cuts their dream catchers causing them to have the same nightmare. However the two of them found out what Meg did and reported her to the camp counselor Justine, Lisa even cut her dream catcher to get even (Unknown to Meg).

When Lisa and Amelia constantly worry and talk about their nightmares, Meg decides to sleep in the camp Mess Hall to get some peace and quiet. She could hear Lisa yelling in her sleep and went to wake her up. A panicked Lisa tries to convince Meg that Amelia has been kidnapped by the Dream Catcher and asked for her help, but she doesn't want to help because Amelia wasn't her friend anymore. Meg briefly goes to help Lisa and ditches her when she's not looking out of spite. Later, the batteries on her flashlight die so goes back to steal Lisa's.

Meg finds both Lisa and Amelia trapped in a giant spider-web awaiting their fate, but instead of helping them she takes Lisa's flashlight leaving her and Amelia to die, but she too gets stuck. Lisa's alarm clock goes off saving her and Amelia, but it's too late for Meg because she slept in the camp Mess Hall and couldn't hear the alarm. Meg is then presumably killed by the Dream Catcher.