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Jessica Chen

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Victoria Duffield

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Bad Feng Shui

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Bad Feng Shui

Megan is a minor character in the episode "Bad Feng Shui".

Megan is Jessica Chen's best friend who hangs out with Jessica more often.

The next day, Megan wanted Jessica to go to the mall with her to pick out something for the dance, but Jessica had to go to Chinatown with her strict mother. However, Jessica then declined her mother's phone call and went to the mall with Megan.

On the next day, Megan received a call from Jessica, freaking out because she saw a Snake Ghost in her house, but Megan didn't believe her. Megan then called Jessica back, wondering why her mother won't even talk to her again, with Jessica explaining to her that that was actually a snake ghost disguised/posing as her mother. When Megan heard Jessica screaming she ran to help when she too saw the snake ghost.

In Chinatown, Megan then realized that when Jessica broke the items that her mother bought earlier from Mr. Ming that she had attracted Bad Feng Shui, which had attracted the snake ghost as well. When Megan helped Jessica out by find some more items for Jessica to reorganize everything the way it was before.

Back at Jessica's house, Megan was ready to defeat the snake ghost with the help of Jessica, but Jessica told Megan to let her handle this, since she brought the ghost here all by herself.

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