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My Sister the Witch
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date April 2, 2011
Written by Philip Levens
Directed by Michael Scott
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My Sister the Witch is the fifteenth episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series.


Pete's sister, Alice, comes home from boarding school -- and a chain of strange events makes Pete think his sister picked up a new hobby while in boarding school: witchcraft.


Boy Scout Pete welcomes his teenage sister Alice home from boarding school. After Pete finds Alice performing some sort of ritual outside their house, his best friend Reggie believes she is a witch.

Pete and Reggie do everything they can to prove whether Alice is or isn't a witch. Pete discovers a book called The Grimoire a textbook of sorcery and magic. Reggie suspects that Alice is trying to put a curse on Pete after she cut a piece of his hair and placed it in a talisman hidden in his shoe. However, Alice is trying to reverse a curse.

It is revealed that Alice met a beginner's witch named Enid at her boarding school who told her she was cursed. Alice suspects that it is a Saired Curse, a curse that is said to first start with misfortune, and then steals wealth, health, sanity, and finally life.

At first Alice and Pete suspect Reggie. However, it ends up being warlock William Merrit; an older boy scout who vowed revenge after Alice read one of his love-notes out loud so he would leave her alone. After a short magical battle, William is turned into a toad.



  • Coincidentally, Jodelle Ferland also played a character accused of being a witch in "Paranorman", and she would later appear in The Most Evil Sorcerer as a character who hates magic.
  • Anne Deluise is married to Peter Deluise, a director for this series. She also appeared as a mother in one scene in the Goosebumps episode The Haunted Mask.
  • Writer Phillip Levens said this episode was written for his son.

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