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Mackenzie Foy

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"The Return of Lilly D."

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"The Return of Lilly D."

Natalie is the main character and hero in the episode "The Return of Lilly D.". She was portrayed by Mackenzie Foy.

Natalie is a kindhearted young girl who loves all living things and lives with her unnamed grandfather.

The Return of Lilly D

One day, as Natalie walks home she sees two teenage boys messing around a rusty doll named Lilly D.. Natalie decides to rescue Lilly D. and welcome her into her home. After her unnamed grandfather fails to fix Lilly D's arm, Natalie convinces him to send her to the Really You hospital. Lilly D's creator, The Doll Maker returns her to Natalie's house at night. The doll maker tells Natalie that Lilly D. used to an evil doll, until she found her and changed her heart.

The next day, Natalie finds a baby bird alone and had fallen off the tree. She decides to take it home and then shows the baby bird to Lilly D; that night, Natalie wakes up hearing something fall and notices a couple of objects fallen off her bookcase, she was unaware of what happened.

Natalie gets suspicious of the doll after discovering that the doll maker was mysteriously knocked out by a fishbowl, and remembers when the doll maker told her that Lilly D. used to be bad, cold, cruel, evil, sadistic, and vicious. She decides that she wants to get rid of the doll for real. Her grandfather agrees to throw Lilly D. in the trash and Natalie goes to find her, but strangely, she was gone.

She sees the baby bird alive but in the water not drowning. Natalie realized that Lilly D. is alive and her grandfather then says that a doll can't come to life. She runs downstairs looking for Lilly D. While her grandfather is

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upstairs in a wheelchair, Lilly D. is behind him and kicks him down the stairs (in order to distract Natalie), but Natalia manages to save her grandfather in time from falling down the stairs. Natalie sees a wheelchair by the window and thinking it was Lilly D; she turns the wheelchair around and finds a lamp with the doll's hair. Behind her, Lilly D. is holding a butcher knife and Natalie kicks it out of her hand with a frying pan. She then hits Lilly D. in the head and her head lands in a pot of boiled water, killing her instantly.