Nicole Leduc
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Name Nicole Leduc
Birthplace Burbank, Los Angeles County, California
Date of Birth September 24, 1999
Role on Haunting Hour Nice Girl

Nicole Leduc portrays a Nice Girl in the two part episode "Really You".


Nicole was born in Burbank, California on September 24, 1999, of Canadian and Irish descent. From the moment she could walk and talk, Nicole put on home plays at every opportunity she got, which sometimes included bit parts starring the family dog or some other unsuspecting passerby! She was also, never far away from her sketchpad and pencils. Nicole got her first taste of being on a movie set at the age of 1, when she posed for a still photo of Lorelai as an Infant on "Gilmore Girls". In 2005, she and her family relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia where at the age of 6, Nicole began her acting career. Her first booking, a speaking role on "Kyle XY", turned into a recurring one. To date Nicole has shot 5 episodes. She then booked a role in the feature "Jennifer's Body". Shortly thereafter, Nicole progressed to her first out of town location shoot with a principal role in "Fear Itself", where she played Courtney Mahoney. She then booked an episode of "The Guard", followed by a co-starring role on the TV series "Supernatural", where she worked directly with the two leads. With a love for the Arts in general, Nicole enjoys a wide variety of related hobbies/interests which include drama, drawing, sculpting, guitar and origami, to name but a few! She has won two art competitions; one in the US and one in Canada. Nicole loves to write stories and likes to story board her ideas with a view to making films further down the road. Karate and horse riding are also fun for her during her downtime.

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