Nightmare Inn
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date January 8, 2011
Written by Katherine Boutry
Directed by Neill Fearnley
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Nightmare Inn is the fifth episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series.


Jillian and her mother stay at a creepy isolated inn. Too bad this inn turns out to have an awful secret. It is haunted by Werewolves.


After the death of her father, Jillian moves into the Knight Time Inn with her mother; however, she has been having reccuring nightmares about it, which her mother dismisses. While there, they meet Priscilla, one of the hotel's staff members, who show them their rooms.

The next morning, Jillian seems to have lost a necklace her father gave her, she decides to search for it while her mother goes out for an important meeting. While doing so, she meets Caleb, the town outcast. Priscilla sees the two of them talking and warns Jillian to stay away from him claiming he is very dangerous. Caleb likewise tells Jill that Priscilla is a psycho formerly obsessed with him, and is a kleptomaniac. Jill later finds her necklace in Priscilla's room, and her conversing with Caleb.

That night, Caleb tries convincing Jill to stay, revealing himself to be a werewolf. Jill tries asking Priscilla for help, but finds that she's a werewolf as well; Caleb and Priscilla were arguing over who would get Jill, and revealing the reason they stole Jill's necklace was because it was made of silver. Trying to escape, Jillian is protected by another werewolf, who returns her necklace.

Jill waks up in bed, with her mother going on about her father, saying he had green eyes and it feels like he's out there protecting them. This shocks Jill, who remembers the third werewolf's eyes were green; the reason her father never came back was because he was turned into a werewolf, most likely by Caleb or Priscilla. Later that night Jillian's father is shown watching the inn and howling at the moon.


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R.L Stine's Haunting Hour - S01E05 - Nightmare Inn

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