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Eaten alive by a hoard of angry bugs

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Manny (formerly)

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Bobby Coleman

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"Swarmin' Norman"

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"Swarmin' Norman"

Norman is the titular main antagonist from the season 2 episode "Swarmin' Norman." He was born on the same day that his actor was born on.

He acts like an enthomologist (studier of insects) in science class and seems very knowledgable about bugs, if not a bit eccentric. His science teacher told him about collecting bugs and some praying mantises. He is bullied regulary by a bully named Tyler and his friends who mess up the pages of his science book (about different insects with detailed diagrams)

Norman's 'favourite' bug seems to be a whitish-grey Mantis (which he calls Manny) that he found in his garden. Manny seems to take a liking to Norman. He finds out that Manny obeys his commands and immediately jumps to the conclusion that he 'controls' all bugs in the world. He also collected some other cockroaches. His first act against the bullies was to command Manny and the other bugs to come to his aid and swarm the Tyler. Tyler survived, but Norman threatens that if the bullies come near him again, he will squash them 'like a bug' and Manny sees the huge foot stomp a bug. Throughout the rest of the school day Norman sees 'Manny' and the other bugs gather out in his class window.

The next night at his house, Norman sees Manny outside his window but becomes verbally and physically abusive towards him and tells him to "Go away," since the bugs had done their jobs. Manny doesn't like Norman anymore and 'tells' the insects about the giant threat. Norman realizes the bugs won't listen to him anyway and realizes that they can get in anytime and hurriedly goes around blocking every outlet in the house. These efforts proves useless in the end since Manny and his cockroach gang found a small hole to get in the house and soon swarm Norman when he was sleeping, covering most of his body as they proceeded to eat him alive.


  • Norman is similar to the title character of the 1971 movie Willard, its 1972 sequel Ben, and its 2003 remake. All three of these movies are based off of the 1969 short novel, Ratman's Notebooks. Both Willard and Norman are social outcasts who have the power to communicate to small animals (Willard communicates to rats and Norman communicates to insects), both end up not wanting their friend after they climb in social status and they both eventually get killed by their friends after turning their backs on them
  • Norman is given wedgies almost daily by Tyler