Pool Shark
Season 1, Episode 18
Pool Shark
Air date April 16, 2011
Written by Neal Shusterman
Directed by Jason Furukawa
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Pool Shark is the eighteenth episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series.


Can a handsome boy overcome his fear of the water and convince people there is a shark in the school's swimming pool?


Kai must overcome his fear of the water in order to convince people there is a shark in the pool. Soon, Kai begins experiencing weird dreams involving sharks coming after him, and discovers that the shark is actually a Nanaue (a creature from Hawaiian mythology that looks human on land, but turns into a shark when he swims in the water). The Nanaue turns out to be Kai's father, who tells his son that he's a Nanaue and has come of age to use his newfound powers.


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r l stine  just made twilight episode (alexa is bella  kai is edward)

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