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Season 2, Episode 5
Air date October 29, 2011
Written by Erik Patterson
Jessica Scott
Directed by Neill Fearnley
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Pumpkinhead is the fifth episode of the second season of the TV show R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series. It is based on the short story of the same name from Nightmare Hour.


Despite some recent incidents of kids vanishing, three siblings visit a farmer's scary pumpkin patch around Halloween. But the sinister, malicious, sadistic, and wicked farmer has more tricks than treats in store for them.


Since its Halloween, Scott wants to go trick or treating with his friends. But due to three kids going missing last Halloween, Scott and his siblings Allie and Dave are forced to trick or treat in their school's cafeteria. When Dave is disappointed that he only has small pumpkins to carve, Scott talks Allie into driving them to a farmer's forbidden pumpkin patch to get a bigger pumpkins.

As the siblings look for pumpkins, they discover a barn with a disturbing collection of pumpkin-headed "dummies" and a "protected" pumpkin patch. The territorial farmer catches them wandering around and tells them in a suspiciously threatening nature to never come back or they'll be sorry. Not wanting to leave empty handed, they take some pumpkins (which was Scott's unwise decision), before they go. Unknown to them, the three siblings are being watched and followed.

Back at home, Scott said that they should go back to Palmer's farm to have some "real fun", but Allie refuses because that will give her nightmares for a month. At that moment, she got a message from Patti and tells the boys that she can't come over because her parents don't want her outside at dark. Scott complains that everyone in town is really scared about what happened. When Dave was pumpkin carving he notices mealworms, making everyone scream and recoil. Allie thought it was another one of Scott's pranks, but Scott didn't do it. Scott cuts the second pumpkin and sees nothing in it, but Dave sees something. It's a tooth to Scott's observation. But Allie thinks it's a weird pumpkin seed. Scott soon throws the pumpkins away.

After a disappointing Halloween, Scott wants to redeem the night by going back to Palmer's farm, but Allie made it clear that they would never go back there. Scott is later kidnapped while making popcorn for a monster movie marathon. Allie (not knowing what really happened) assumes he ignored her and went back to Palmer's farm. Allie and Dave drive back to the farm to pick up Scott. Dave waits in the car while Allie searches for him.

While searching, she is attacked by pumpkinheads. It is revealed that Farmer Palmer took the three kids who trespassed on his farm the previous year, chopped off their heads and replaced them with his own pumpkins and turned their original heads into pumpkins. To Allie's horror, she finds that the same thing happened to Scott and now that she is surrounded by Farmer Palmer and his monsters, and will suffer the same fate. Dave is now fast asleep in the car while waiting for Allie, but it seems he won't have to wait any longer when Allie approaches the car now as a pumpkinhead.


Differences from the story

  • The protagonist of the story was a boy.
  • In the story, Scott was named Mike and he had no friend character. Instead, there was a female friend for the protagonist who Mike was implied to like.
  • In the story, Mike goes back to Palmer's of own violation, so he can prank Palmer as revenge.
  • In the story, the friend got turned into a pumpknhead along with Mike, so there is no add on after the protagonist is cornered.


  • Kacey Rohl, who plays Allie, appeared in the season 1 episode "Wrong Number" as Adriana.
  • Anne Openshaw, who portrayed Jack's Mom in the season 1 episode "Best Friend Forever" also portrays a mom in this episode.
  • Dan Pelchat, who plays Pumpkinhead #1, also appeared as Tick John / Tick Barry in the season 2 two-part episode "Creature Feature: Part 1 & 2".
  • Matt Phillips, who plays Pumpkinhead #3, also appeared in the season 1 episodes "The Walls" and "Alien Candy" as The Klemit and Alien Greg. He also was a stunt double for Robert Capron in the episode "Catching Cold".
  • This episode has a sequel in season four called "Return of the Pumpkinheads." The short story did not have a sequel.
  • According to Erik Patterson, the episode originally ended with the Pumpknheads getting all the kids but the network asked them to tone it down and leave some slight hope for Dave.
    • He also said that the changes to the short story were done in order "to surprise readers by taking the story in a new direction for the show."



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