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Ian Crane

First Appearance

"The Black Mask"

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"The Black Mask"

Robbie is one of the main protagonist in the episode The Black Mask.

Robbie is a normal boy with a normal life, who isn't too sure about adventure. When he sees into the black mask, he was the only one who saw the handyman.

He, at first, thought the handyman was and antagonist, and since the kids thought that this was the past, they believed that the handyman was dead. But when they saw him hammering nails on a sign that stated "SOLD", Robbie was confused that the man was living in the present. He thought maybe the man had a way to travel through time, or there might have been a hex on him so he doesn't age.

But when he went back into the basement and saw the cracked ceiling, he realized that the handyman was going to die. Bill was in a safe corner and Julie was hiding in an unnoticed point. The handyman, though, was right below the cracking roof.

Robbie had desperately yelled, "Get out of the way! It's you! You're going to die!" but when the handyman didn't realize what Robbie was talking about, Robbie pushed him out of the way and saved his life.

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