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Argh V

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Argh V

Samantha "Sam" Covington is the main character of the fourth season episode "Argh V".


Samantha Covington is a teenage girl who's seen studying for a trigonometry test when her free-spirited parents pull up to their house in a massive RV they bought. Samantha's parents talk about living life on the road, but Samantha is less than thrilled about the idea.

Samantha later starts discovering unusual things about the RV such as having a vision of a man panicking in the driver's seat, hearing the sound of children's laughter and telling her to "take a trip." At one point, she is pinned underneath the RV after it moves on its own. When Samantha and her friend named Tully (Samuel Patrick Chu) check out the RV, they discover a map belonging to a family of four called the Applebaums. They learn that the Applebaums died in the RV while taking in a trip to the Southwest. In order to protect her parents, Samantha steals the RV and takes it to a junkyard, but when she comes home, the RV is waiting for her.

The next day, Samantha's parents decide to take a trip in the RV and Samantha reluctantly decides to join them. During the ride, Samantha's father stops looking at the road to look at the map and they hear and see the sounds and lights of an incoming truck, but Samantha and her parents are okay. As they drive, they pick up a family who introduces themselves as the Applebaums which rattles Samantha, but her mom thinks it's a coincidence. As the Applebaums get in the RV, everything appears to be okay, until Samantha sees the Applebaum children as pale-skinned corpses asking her to take a trip.

When Samantha turns around, she sees Mr. and Mrs. Applebaum as pale-skinned corpses too. She notices her parents talking in a slow, deathly monotone, corpse-like tone about how excited they are for their trip. Samantha comes to the realization that she and her parents were killed in the truck collision earlier and are now doomed to wander the highway in the haunted vehicle forever. Samantha is shown crying and sobbing as the RV drives off into the fog, taking them to the afterlife.


  • She is the first hero to currently have the "Deceased/Ghost" status, since the rest of the characters with this status are villains, while Will Johnston from The Dead Body and Vincent from Flight are, respectively, currently alive and deceased.