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October 31, 2011





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Allie (Sister, deceased)
Dave (Brother)



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Liam James

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Scott is one of the main characters in the episode Pumpkinhead.

Scott is a somewhat moody teenage boy, but he was also the most adventurous one out of his siblings. He likes to take risks and play pranks on people, especially his older sister Allie.

Scott had been waiting until he turned 14, when his mom would let him stay out late trick or treating with his friends on Halloween. However, his dreams were crushed when his mom forbidden him to go trick or treating due to three kids going missing on Halloween a year before, so Scott was forced to trick or treat in the school cafeteria, which he knew was going to be lame. When his younger brother, Dave was disappointed that he only had small pumpkins to carve, Scott talked to Allie that he promised not to bug her and Patty into driving them to a farmer's forbidden pumpkin patch to get bigger ones.

Upon arrival, Scott wandered around and discovered strange areas like a barn with a disturbing collection of pumpkinheaded dummies and a protected pumpkin patch. However, Farmer Palmer caught him, Allie and Dave wandering around and told them in a threatening nature to never come back or they'll be sorry. Scott didn't want to leave empty handed and foolishly decided to take some pumpkins before leaving. Unknown to him and his brother and sister they were watched and followed.

Later, when the one of the pumpkins from the farm was full of worms and the other had a tooth in it; Scott dumped them in the trash.

After a disappointing Halloween, Scott wanted to redeem the night by going back to Palmer's farm, but Allie made it clear that they would never go back there. Sometime after that, he was kidnapped by the pumpkinheaded monsters (who were mad at him for throwing out regular pumpkins).

It was revealed that Farmer Palmer took the three kids who trespassed on his farm the previous year, beheaded them and replaced their heads with pumpkins and turned their heads into pumpkins. This time, Scott was one of his latest victims.