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Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Jeffrey Ballard

First Appearance

"Lights Out"

Last Appearance

"Lights Out"

Sean is a main character in the episode "Lights Out."

Sean is a teenaged boy who, after watching a TV show about Ghost Hunters with his friend Teddy and Teddy's sister Haley agrees to make a video with both Teddy and Haley to show that ghosts do not exist although Haley and he are trying to prove to her Teddy that ghosts do exist. Along with Teddy and Haley, he goes to an old asylum that is said to be haunted ever since a fire that killed everyone in the building.

While exploring the asylum, Teddy makes Sean go and find a wheel chair while he and Haley set up some props. While Sean is walking around trying to find a wheel chair, and get scared and runs to find Teddy and Haley. Sean finds them as they're running away from a ghost, but the ghost follows them and corners them into a room and locks them in it. After listening to a video recording on the video camera and finding out that the ghosts are telling them to "get out," they escape the room and run to the main sitting area. They watch the dead patients go into their rooms before a wheel chair moves disappearing around the corner.

They figure out that the ghosts locked them in the room to be protected from Dr. Sturgess a doctor who ran the asylum, who would punish them for being out past "lights out." Teddy goes off by himself to find something to break the lock on the window to get out of the asylum, but Dr. Sturgess gets him before he can get back to Haley and Sean.

Haley asks the ghost to help find her brother who is screaming for help, but Sean tells her that there all too scared of Dr. Sturgess to help. Haley and Sean find Teddy in an operating room repeating "lights out" in a traumatized way.

Either Haley or Sean post the video of there night in the asylum on the internet for others to watch.