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" My Imaginary Friend "

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" My Imaginary Friend "

 Shawn is the main protagonist in the episode "My Imaginary Friend".

Shawn was learning how to play baseball with his brother David, until he saw Amy and his imaginary friend Travis gave him the advice to talk to her. Once Shawn finally spoke to Amy he suddenly hits the baseball into Old Man Dixon's yard with David claiming they will never get it back, until Travis convinces Shawn to sneak into Dixon's yard to retrieve the baseball. When they saw Mr. Dixon Travis and Shawn both panicked and ran into Mr. Dixon's shed. Travis and Shawn suddenly took some red paint and painted the word "JERK" and later on Shawn got caught by Mr. Dixon.

At Home, Shawn got scolded by his Father about his behavior (due to changing schools and his mother gone to help his grandmother) then he was later grounded.

With Shawn mad that he got grounded David suddenly gave him the idea to try to imagine Travis so that he can see him. David gave it a try at first he couldn't see him, until he finally saw him. After the introduction Travis sees Amy with a jock and comes up with the idea of wrecking the jock's vehicle, but David was trying to tell him that if Shawn wrecks the vehicle he'll end up being an idiot so Shawn refused to destroy the car once Shawn and David went back inside the house Travis started to get irritated with David.

That Night, Shawn started to get these strange feelings in bed (Once Travis had a little "talk" with David).

The Next Day, David was trying to tell Shawn that Travis was out of control, but Shawn didn't accept that response. When the battle happened in Mr. Dixon's shed Shawn's been having the strange feelings again, as they got worst he suddenly realized that Travis was up to something. When he approached the shed he found that Travis was going to kill David and Shawn used his imagination to imagine Travis away and threw a metal material through Travis causing him to vanish, but got whacked on the head.

In the end, Shawn got a big get well card signed by Amy and his other friends. David talked to Shawn about no more imaginary friends, Shawn agrees and begins to cry as David begins to disappear because it's revealed that David is actually Shawn's imaginary brother.

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