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Snake Ghost



Jessica's Ghost

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Theresa Lee

First Appearance

Bad Feng Shui

Last Appearance

Bad Feng Shui

The Snake Ghost is the main villain from the episode "Bad Feng Shui".

The Snake Ghost appeared after Jessica had thrown all of the materials that brings good feng shui and went to bed. When Jessica told her mother that she wished that she wasn't her mother at all, the Snake Ghost captured/kidnapped her mother and vanished. Scaring Jessica and Megan, they both went to Chinatown to talk to Mr. Ming and he decided to sell Jessica the same materials that he sold to her mother. After organizing her room the way it was before Jessica remembered that her mother loves it when she plays the violin. When playing the instrument, the Snake Ghost couldn't take it anymore because of the sound of the violin and slithered back into the cabinet.