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Marty (Son, Missing)

Kayla (Daughter)

Janet (Wife)

Behind the Scenes
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Ty Olsson

First Appearance

" Catching Cold "

Last Appearance

" Catching Cold "

 Steve is one of the minor characters in the episode "Catching Cold".

Steve is Marty and Kayla's father and Janet's husband who's a police officer.

Steve arrived at the beginning of the episode as he was seen coming home from work. A few days later he caught Marty in the middle of the night at the front door with Marty trying to tell his dad that the Kreamy Cold Ice Cream Truck was sitting in front of their house, but Steve didn't see a truck anywhere and told Marty to get back inside the house. The next day, Steve gave Marty a scare by turning on his siren and wanted to give his son a bike to help get his blood pumping a little. As the family was eating dinner Steve and Janet allowed Marty to ride his bike at night before he does his homework.


Steve, Janet and Kayla will soon realize that Marty is missing and will start a search party until they find him.

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