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Taylor Turner
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Prior to 2011

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Steffani Howard (Deceased)

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Sarah Dugdale

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"Wrong Number"

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"Wrong Number"

Taylor Turner is the anti-hero protagonist in the episode "Wrong Number".

Taylor is Steffani Howard's best friend who is more of a tomboy. Although she acts like a mean girl, she seems to be very shy and is much nicer than Steffani.

While visiting Steffani's apartment, Taylor witnessess Steffani's next door neigbor, Mrs. Biazevich, get physical with her by pulling her hair for being nasty and playing incredibly loud music. Taylor shuts the door, preventing Mrs. Biazevich from hurting her friend anymore. She later giggles when Steffani crank calls her enraged neighbor to get back at her for pulling her hair. Unknown to her, Taylor would later regret that decision.

The next morning, Taylor gets a call from Steffani telling her to come to her apartment immediately. When she arrives, Taylor finds out that Mrs. Biazevich died from her illness. She was freaked out and disturbed by the fact that Steffani was flirting with a young paramedic right over Mrs. Biazevich's corpse.

Later, Steffani tells her that she received mysterious and freaky text messages telling her to be a nice girl. That night, Taylor and Steffani sneak into Mrs. Biazevich's room and find out that the calls were coming from her phone, which was unplugged.

After Taylor and Steffani get help from a former enemy, Adriana, who tells them to go to her uncle Constantine's home, the girls are told that they're in danger due to the possibility that Mrs. Biazevich may be a ghost who's haunting them. Constantine gives them a vase full of leaves that will keep them safe from Mrs. Biazevich's ghost.

That night, Taylor keeps Steffani company after she finished scattering the leaves around her bed to keep her safe. However, it turns out that the leaves seemed to have attracted Mrs. Biazevich's spirit and she attacks the girls. Mrs. Biazevich lets Taylor go because she can see good in her heart but sees that Steffani is still very mean so she traps her in a video in her cell phone. Taylor, scared for her best friend but can't do anything about it, runs out of the room horrified after witnessing that and scrams away.


  • Taylor never knew what happened to Steffani after escaping.