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The Doll Maker
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Unknown (Presumed Alive)

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Doll Maker


Really You Company

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Gabrielle Rose

First Appearance

"Really You: Part 2"

Last Appearance

"The Return of Lilly D."

The Doll Maker is a supporting character in the season 1 episode "Really You: Part 2" and the season 2 episode "The Return of Lilly D.".

Really You

The Doll Maker is first seen when Brandon Carbo and Josh go to the Really You Company to try to get some answers about the doll, Lilly D.. The Doll Maker tells them that Lilly D. must be destroyed. She then tells them to get out of the company before someone finds them.

The Return of Lilly D.

She is seen again when Natalie finds Lilly D. and the doll is taken back to the company to get fixed. Although believing that the doll is still bad, she grabs a hammer and is about to kill the doll when she realizes that something has changed and that Lilly D. is "nice" now. She fixes Lilly D. for Natalie and returns her. She eats dinner with Natalie and her grandfather and tells them that at one time, Lilly D. was bad. She tells them to call her if the doll misbehaves. Unknown to her, Lilly D. was actually still bad. Later, while in her work shop, the dolls tell her to save Natalie. The doll maker goes to Natalie's house to retrieve Lilly D. but is knocked out by a fish bowl thrown at her by Lilly D.

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