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The Klemit
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The Walls





Behind the Scenes
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Matt Phillips

First Appearance

"The Walls"

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"The Walls"

The Klemit is the monster appearing in the episode "The Walls."


A Klemit is a demon that dwells in the walls of a person's house. It has a sweet tooth and a nasty disposition. The upside to having a Klemit in your house is that it brings wealth and fortune to the family that lives there as long as you keep its sweet tooth fed.


He is a demon who dwells in the walls of Jeffrey's new house.


The Klemit is first seen sneaking into Jeffrey's home at night and stealing his night light, which causes Jeffrey to be suspicious and wonder why his night light mysteriously disappeared.

He was also heard when Jeffrey drills a hole in the walls, and tries to reach in for his 2 by 4 behind the walls. He grabs Jeffrey's arm, threatening him that he tells anyone about him, he'll take his parents.

The Klemit then blackmails Jeffrey by forcing him to steal syrup from his kitchen and bring some to him whenever he wants or else or else he'll take his parents.

Soon after Jeffrey sneaks in the walls through the house's secret door, he tries to kill The Klemit by spraying him with a Silverfish bug spray, but to no avail. He chases Jeffrey through the walls until he finally grabs his leg attempting to take him. Jeffrey's parents come in turning on the lights which causes the Klemit to scream and release Jeffrey.

It is then revealed that Jeffrey's parents knew that The Klemit was behind the walls of their new home, and that he causes good fortune. The Klemit continued to live in the walls, pestering Jeffrey's parents for syrup every night now live in his old room.