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The Perfect Brother
Season 1, Episode 20
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Air date April 30, 2011
Written by Erik Patterson
Jessica Scott
Directed by Michael Scott
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The Perfect Brother is the twentieth episode of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series.


They say, "Nobody's perfect," but try telling Josh and Matt's parents that, especially their mother, who is obsessed with perfection and will settle for nothing less. That's why, when Matt begins acting erratically, their mother drives him to a strange facility where there is no line between man and machine. Can Josh save his brother from being scrapped?


Josh hates his parents (mostly his mother), who always set the bar ridiculously high for himself and his brother, Matt, when it comes to perfection. Things get weird when Matt starts acting strange and feeling ill. When Matt collapses at school, their mother takes him home to rest. Josh knows that Matt needs to see a doctor, but his mom refuses to take him.

Later Josh and Matt overhear their parents talking about an "experiment failing". Their dad then takes Matt to a hospital, Josh wants to go with them but he is told to stay home. When his mom still refuses to tell him about Matt's whereabouts, Josh takes matters in his own hands and sneaks in the "hospital" where his dad took Matt, filled with scientists fitting human-like robots with new parts and programming them to act human.

It's revealed that Matt is actually a robot whose warranty has expired and the "failed experiment" is Josh. This ending leads to an interpretation that the whole world is full of robots and Josh might be considered a robot with feelings which is deemed a failure. Josh is too horrified to join them and tries to escape his house but finds that his best friend is a robot and taken into a box that is probably going to take him to the facility to turn him into a robot. As he is being trapped in it, his mom reveals to Josh that he's the experiment, much to his horror.



  • Elements of this episode are similar to the Goosebumps short story Perfect School. Both involve replacing kids with perfect robots and have a reveal where it turns out that a friend to the protagonist was working with the villains.

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