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The Return of Lilly D.
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date February 4, 2012
Written by Dan Angel
Billy Brown
Directed by Neill Fearnley
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The Return of Lilly D. is the eighteenth episode and the finale of season 2 of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series. It aired on February 4, 2012.


In this sequel to "Really You," a kind-hearted girl named Natalie finds the discarded Lilly D. doll in a gutter and brings her home to restore her. The doll maker from the first episode commends Natalie for purifying Lilly D's soul with her goodness...until strange things begin happening around Natalie's house.


Lilly D. is found laying in the gutter by two boys. They decide to mess around with her, but a little girl named Natalie decides to save her from the two boys. Natalie then spends her allowance on the doll in order to repair her arm. Natalie and her grandfather then realize it use to belong to the original owner named Lilly Carbo. The doll maker then realizes that Lilly D. has turne good after Natalie's love to the doll like a little sister that she never had. She said that she fixed her arm and Natalie changes the doll's heart. The doll maker said that the doll used to be cold, cruel, manipulative, bad, sadistic, and vicious.

The next day, Natalie then finds a baby bird alone and had fallen off the tree. She decides to take it home; Natalie then shows the baby bird to Lilly D. and she gets jealous after she's nursing the bird back to health. Later that night, Lilly D. comes to life and tries to get the baby bird out of the shelf but fell, making Natalie and her grandfather wake up. Natalie doesn't know what happened and he says that things don't move by itself. When the doll maker is happily talking about Lilly D. being good, the other dolls she made then said that she put Natalie in danger and forced her to save her. The doll maker then agrees, however.

The next day, Natalie's neighbor was so happy that she saved the baby bird; they decide to give it a cage as a home. The doll maker is outside coming to the house but Lilly D. sees her and throws a fishbowl out of the window. Both of them don't know what happened. Later, Natalie then wants to get rid of Lilly D; after strange accidents begin to occurs in the house, Lilly D. spies on them and hides.

At midnight, Lilly D. comes to life and takes the baby bird to the bathroom and tries to drown it. Natalie wakes up, thinking it was her grandfather. But when her grandfather asks what's wrong, she hears him from his room and opens the door. She sees the bird alive but in the water, not drowning. Her grandfather then says that a doll can't come to life. She runs downstairs looking for Lilly D. while her grandfather is upstairs in a wheelchair, Lilly D. is behind him and kicks him down the stairs. Natalie briefly rushes to her grandfather's aid before confronting Lilly D in the kitchen all by herself. Later on, Natalie sees a wheelchair by the window and thinking it was Lilly D; she turns the wheelchair and it was just a table lamp with the doll's hair. Behind her, Lilly D. is holding a butcher knife and Natalie disarm it out from her hand with a frying pan. She then hits Lilly D. in the head and landing her severed head in a pot of hot water. While the dolls from the doll maker sing a lullaby, Natalie then puts the pan on the top of her head, meaning the doll is dead for real.


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  • This marks the second and final appearance of Lilly D., the other being Really You Part 1 & 2.
  • This episode has similarities to the Goosebumps Series 2000' book Slappy's Nightmare. both feature an evil toy being given to a kid in hopes it will help turn them good. Both also feature characters in wheelchairs.



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