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The Scarecrow
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The Scarecrow is the main/titular villain in the episodes "Scarecrow" and "Scarecrow: Part 2".

The Scarecrow has the ability to turn into a man dressed in black (A.K.A. The Stranger). The Scarecrow was made by Jenny, after the stranger gave it to her (after he heard about Jenny's problem with the crows in her cornfield).

The next day the Scarecrow had been creating mysterious disappearances as he went after Amy Kessler and all the other people around the town.

After Bobby had called his younger sister Jenny the Scarecrow started to go after her. When Bobby arrived home the Scarecrow was now the Stranger as he approached Bobby telling him that "This is the way the world ends.".

On the 1st ending the Scarecrow died when Bobby burned the Scarecrow with and walked away. On the alternative ending the Scarecrow had turned Bobby into a scarecrow so he can share peace and quiet with him.

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