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Baljodh Nagra

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"Alien Candy"

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"Alien Candy"

Tim is one of the main characters in the episode Alien Candy.

Tim is Walt's best friend who also believes in aliens.

He finds out that Walt has been accepted into a secret executive club, being best friends Tim asks Walt to recommend him to other club members. When Walt tells him the club members won't let him in because they believe he isn't a suitable candidate and they only let in serious members, Tim is mad at him for still joining the club without him.

The next day, Tim is approached by two strange eighth graders named Bonnie and Greg, the founders of Project Blue Bridge (the club Walt told him about) who tell him that he's been accepted into the club after Walt begged them to let him in. Bonnie and Greg take him to the abandoned staff lounge where they show him a mysterious jellybean-like candy that will let him communicate with aliens telepathically with messages.

Tim's life is at risk when Bonnie and Greg reveal themselves to be aliens who previously tried to eat Walt but couldn't due to Walt being a redhead and they are allergic to redheads, so they decide to eat him instead. The aliens knock him out with a strange electronic device so they can eat him. Tim is then rescued by Walt.

After a short chase in the cafeteria, Tim and Walt both manage to escape and defeat the aliens by throwing salt at them, which absorbs their skin.

The next day, he and Walt overhear other students talking about how the lunch taste different, Walt discovers that the aliens' melted bodies were accidentally put in the school's homemade chicken nuggets and the two of them scream in horror.