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Timmy Morgan




Eye Color


Family Information
Family Members

Donald Morgan (Father)
Janice Morgan (Mother)
Mark Morgan (Brother)
Becky Morgan (Sister)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Thomas Robinson

First Appearance

"A Creature Was Stirring"

Last Appearance

"A Creature Was Stirring"

Timmy Morgan is the main character in the season 1 episode "A Creature Was Stirring".

Timmy is very excited about spending another Christmas with his family. Although pleased with the presents he received, Timmy is disappointed that his older siblings, Mark and Becky, are not happy with their presents and the whole family begins arguing.

After desperately wishing that Santa Claus would find a way to make his family happy again, Timmy notices a mysteriously new present under the Christmas tree that seems to be for him. He is shocked to find a hideous gremlin/dragon like monster inside.

Timmy tries to warn his parents Janice and Donald, but they won't listen to him as they're in the middle of a very important discussion. He then alerts Mark and Becky who both have their rooms invaded by the monster.

When Janice and Donald hear the chaos, they blame him and the kids for the mess the creature in the halls. Timmy is confused upon seeing Mark and Becky discovering divorce papers.

Timmy hears Janice and Donald screaming in the basement after the monster showed itself to them and started a fire in the basement.

He and Becky keep the creature locked in the basement while the rest of the family tries to find a way out but all of the doors and windows are blocked by snow.

By Donald's orders, Timmy hides in the attic with the rest of the family. The Morgan's comfort him as he sadly points out that Santa didn't grant his wish, but the moment is cut short as smoke began rising up into the basement.

After getting out through the attic window and seeing the entire house on fire, everyone else seemed to have lost hope until Timmy brought out a picture of the whole family together and that's when the rest of the family realize that they will all be okay as long as they have each other.

Timmy realizes that Santa Claus actually did grant his wish, to get the family back together. He happily says "This is the best Christmas ever".