Todd Baker
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Mrs. Baker (Mother, deceased)


Hotel Guest

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Grayson Gabriel

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" Checking Out "

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" Checking Out "

Todd Baker is a minor character in the episode "Checking Out".

Todd had startled Jeremy when he was watching a party that his parents were in. Todd explained that the people at the hotel hate children and pointed back at the party where Mrs.Baker (His Mother) was hitting a pinata that looked just like him. He told Jeremy that him and his mother were suppose to leave two days ago and it's been a month and the fact that his mother doesn't even think he exist anymore, with that Jeremy told Todd to talk it out with his mother.

Todd was later seen trying to apologize to his mother about the way he's been acting, but Mrs.Baker said it was for the best. As Todd kept backing up The Benefactor suddenly opened up and Todd was pulled into the afterlife by The Benefactor and was never seen again.

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