Hello, my name's taylor, i'm 19 years old and i love so much scary things and scary movies, i adore the haunting hour i don't think about it, i like cassie so much, every time i watch it it makes me feel homesickness, another film that i adore is mostly ghostly, i love halloween, i love pumpkin's and trick or treat, i love ghosts, i love books, i love the styles dark, goth, emo and punk, i love colored extensions, i like them blue, pink, or fuxia. the best part of the HAUNTING HOUR I DONT THINK ABOUT IT its  when cassie fall in love with sean, i 'm waiting to see the second movie of it, i cant wait, especially cause i was born the 31th of  october, i love black nails, and i love love people with white white skins, i wanna live one day in the usa, i love so much that country, sfortunately i dont speak english very well, because i'm italian, for me everyday its halloween, i like fantasy movies too, i read books everyday.. i wanna do part in this beautiful site, im happy to stay with you, i hope you are happy too, i wanna know you guys, 

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