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Vincent is a main character in the episode "Flight".


Vincent was a rich millionaire who lived a luxurious life, but spent most of it alone.

One night, Vincent was killed in a fatal car accident. Sometime after that, he woke up as a ghost not remembering his death or realizing he was a ghost. Vincent later moved on like nothing happened and boarded a flight headed to an important scheduled business meeting while his corpse was riding below in the cargo deck of the plane.

Vincent sat next to a boy named Josh, who was flying alone and was secretly nervous. Vincent told Josh to not to worry because he flies alone all the time. He was disgusted when he saw his corpse, not knowing it was himself, getting public-ally unloaded into the cargo hold.

Josh talks to him about his parents divorce and how he unwillingly has to visit his father who wants him to bond and meet his new girlfriend. Vincent tells him that moving on from a divorce can be hard, which is why he lets work keep him busy without being tied down from a marriage.

Later, both Vincent and Josh become suspicious of an old lady who keeps staring at them both and find out she is really the Grim Reaper, disguised and posing as an old lady, who has come to take the spirit of the corpse to the afterlife. To Vincent's horror, he soon realizes that he's the ghost after Josh's hand went through him and he remembers his death. His anger almost causes the plane to crash.

Vincent doesn't want to go, however, because it finally hits that he spent all of his life without getting close to anyone he could call a friend after pushing away the people that were closet to him so they wouldn't let him down. Vincent's heartbreaking story reminded Josh of his relationship with his dad, and that if he acted like he didn't care that he was gone he wouldn't and it wouldn't hurt so much. Vincent reminded him that he was young and could still change, then Josh told him that he too can change by moving on to the afterlife and saving an entire plane full of people, in a completely unselfish deed.

Vincent agreed and let the Reaper know that he was ready to go, and walked towards the light. He told Josh one more thing before leaving "You're gonna be alright kid". Needless to say the plane got power back and all of the passengers landed on their destination safe and sound.

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